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DEG Sommerfest, 22.8.2014

  • 1. Set, ab ca. 20:30/45 Uhr: FullBand
  1. This love (Ewa)
  2. Rolling in the deep (Nina)
  3. Valerie (Tamara)
  4. You know I'm no good (Nina)
  5. Daddy, now that you're gone (Ewa)
  6. Ain't nobody (Tamara)
  7. Drunk in the morning (Ewa)
  8. Left outside alone (Nina)
  9. Happy (Tamara)
  • Zugabe(n)
  1. Back to Black (Nina)
  2. Oh Jonny (Ewa)
  3. I feel good (Tamara)

DEG Sommerfest, 21.6.2013

  • Reception and Chill (kleine Besetzung/Jazz: Piano, Altsax, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Trompete?), ca 18-18.45 Uhr (Setlist in Arbeit)
  1. Footprints (Alt)
  2. Song for my father (Alt)
  3. Fly me to the moon (Alt)
  4. Satin Doll (Alt)
  5. All Blues
  6. Cantaloupe Island
  7. St. Thomas (Joachim)
  8. Night and day (Ewa)
  9. The look of love (Nina)

  • 1. Set, ab ca. 20:30 Uhr: Full Band
  1. Ordinary People (Ron/André Duo)
  2. Another day (Ron)
  3. Muss nur noch kurz die Welt retten (Ewa), Dm, original
  4. Ride like the wind (Ron) Am
  5. This love (Ewa)
  6. Feel (Ron) Dm, original
  7. Left outside alone, Anastasia (Nina)
  8. Ain't nobody (Tamara), Ebm
  9. Oh jonny (Tamara), Am, original
  10. Get down on it (Ron), Em/G, original
  11. Ladies night (Ron), Bb, original
  12. Celebration (Ron), Ab, original

  • 2. Set, ab ca. 21.30 Uhr: Full Band
  1. Let me entertain you (Tamara)
  2. Who knew (Tamara)
  3. I need a dollar (Ron), Abm, original
  4. I'll be waiting (Ron), Dm/F, original
  5. All night long (Ron), G
  6. Back to black (Nina), Dm
  7. Rollin in the deep (Nina), ton tiefer
  8. Daddy, now that you’re gone, Lucas Graham (Ewa)
  9. I feel good (Ron), D
  10. Sexbomb (Ron), Abm/Cm, original


  1. Sexmachine (Ron), Ebm
  2. Time after time (Ron)