Assignment 1 - End of story, 24/09/12

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My End of story - "natural needs"

by Benedict

Charlie was afraid. This noises didn't seemed to be of a human. And where was Tim? He worried. He went out to look if someone or something was there but there was just darkness. So he took his lamp and clothes and went out in the forest. Suddenly he heard a voice shouting his name, he turned around a saw Tim. He ran to him and asked if everything was alright and asked where he had been. Tim said "I had to pee and went outside, suddenly i heard some strange noises I followed them and got lost in this big forest. I'm so glad to see you now!" Charlie laughed "Haha I thought you'd been abducted, but you where just pee." Now also laughed Tim "Hey that wasn't funny! I was really afraid!" So they went back to their tent and slept. the end

My end of story-"the strange noises"

by Luis

Josh with charlie rose from tent. before they have been equipped with a flashlight and an iron rod. Suddenly they heard the noise a bear. charlie had a lot of fear. As they went on they suddenly saw one rustling bush, behind charlies cousin stood and cried. Charlie asked him what was wrong. He replied that he had lost his way as a noise running after. When he had calmed down, they went loops back to the tent and fell asleep reassured.


My End of story - "the funny neight"

by Ilka

Tim and Scott are sitting outside and eat burgers. Scott is telling adventure stories about his best events in the last 10 years. Scott wants to tell the next story, as Charlie comes out of the tent. "I want to sleep!" he says and looks very angry. "Oh sorry! Are we sooo loud?" Scott asks. "At first I thought you are the bear but than I heared voices." Charlie says. " No we are not the bear! But Scott told me stories about his last 10 years. Sit down and listen. It´s very interesting." Tim says. Charlie sits next to Tim and listens, too. The 3 boys had a funny night. In the morning Scott, Tim and Charlie are tiered. At first the others are angry but then they think it´s amusing.

My End of story-In the forest

by Emrullah

Scott and Tim going in the forest and talk about monsters.Tim was scared and wanted to go to camp.Scott hold on him and they make their picnick next to a large tree.Scott eat a burger and Tim is afraid.Scott talk him:´´I think,we must go back to the camp´´.Tim said:´´This is a very good idea.On the way Tim eat a burger and say:´´This is the right way,right?Scott said:´´I think,yes.Tim said:You think !!!!?!!!A few minutes later,Tim and Scott come into the camp.In the next morning,Tim and Scott play soccer as if never what might have been.

My End of story - "The hiding behind the tree"

by Sama

Charlie was worried. He stood up and looked out for Tim. But Tim was not anywhere,he looked in the tent of Scott,but Scott's sleeping bag was empty,too. He woke up the others and said to them : "Tim and Scott are disappeard". Everyone was worried about Tim and Scott. They decided to search them. They searched and searched,but they don't find them. But suddenly they hear some voices and they realize,that this voices was from Tim and Scott. This voices came behind a tree,they decided to go there. And they see,Tim and Scott,they was eating some burgers. Everyone was annoyed and Charlie said angrily : "Are you be silly ? We had made such worries about you !" Scott and Tim were sad and they apologize themselves. Then they went back to the tents.

My end of story-" The bear in the tree"

by Jannik

Charlie went out of his tent and looked at his cousin. But he couldn't see him. Charlie called his name quietly: "Tim, where are you?" Charlie saw a shadow and it was scary.He thought it was a bear. Charlie moved slowly away. In this moment something or someone jumped from tree on Charlie. He was very scared and screamed. But it wasn't a bear, it was only his cousin Tim. Charlie asked Tim why he came out of the tree. "Scott and I had a midnight picnic and thought you're the bear.We made noise and wanted to scare the!" Tim answered. "And where is Scott now?" asked Charlie. Scott sat still in the tree and was afraid until the boys told him that there wasn't a bear.

by Niklas

Charlie and Tim are playing football. Now Tim wanted to shoot. He shot the ball in to the forest and wanted to get it back. After ten minutes, Charlie was worried and followed Tim in the forest. He heared scary noises. In this moment Charlie heared a afraid voice Charlie Charlie:Tim are you here? Tim:Yes, I'm here Charlie:Do you have the ball? Tim:Yes, I have the ball and now we can go to the other kids Charlie:Yes this is a very good idea. Suddenly the guys saw a man. The man:Why so serious? Charlie said:RUUUUUUN!!!!!. Charlie and Tim was ran.'s time to stand up wake up said Tim. Charlie:Ouh this was only a dream What's happens? said Tim. It's not so important said Charlie.

by Marie.R

Charlie heard a cry from Tim and Scott asking for help. Charlie outside to Tim and Scott. He has seen a bear in front they. The bear wanted to attack they. Scott was so afraid. "That´s all your fault." cry Tim. " Your hid the sandwiches!" said Tim. The bear came to near and near,now to two. Charlie waqs so schock and speeckless. Then, came Lindsay and shouted for help. And everybody woke up and tired to scare the bear. The bear was really scared from the people and he ran away. Tim say to Scott "You are a show-off! Thank you, Lindsay.You saved me.". Lindsay answers: "No problem!". Scott said no more. Charlie says: "Come, let's go to bed! Tomorrow is exhausting day!". All went to the bed.

A scary dream

My End of the Story

The Nightexousion

Charlie go outside and sayed " Hello ?". Tim and Scott answerd " hi Charlie , sit down and eat whith us the Hamburgerss! " Charlie go to the both Boys and sit down. Later Lindsay come to the Boys and asked : " What are you doing there guys ?". Scott answerd :" We make a picnic and eat the Hamburgers that I save !". Lindsay asked : " can I also eat a Hamburger ?" Charlie sayed :" ok " . The three children make themselves a Nixe evening. Sometime Matt wake up . He asked himself were the noises came from . He go outside and saw the three children and get very angry . The three childrem have to go in tere Tend and sleep.

by Marie t.

My Ens of the story-the unforgettble night

By Miriam

Everything was going through his head.He went out and looked in Scott's tent but it was empty too.Charlie was worried and at the same time he was afraid too.He looked in Lindsay's tent and saw Lindsay's anxious face:"Hey Lindsay sorry the disorder but i can't find Tim and Scott" Lindsay:"Oh no :O come we search them" Lindsay stood up and went out the tent with Charlie Charlie:"Come Lindsay we search in the forest" Lindsay:"no no Charlie is a bear in the forest" said Lindsay anxious Charlie:"Lindsay please we must find Scott and Tim" Lindsay looked thoughtfully to Charlie Lindsay:"Ok come " Lindsay and Charlie went into the forest and looked around.They heard a voice.They looked at each other and they saw 3 little trees.They went to this little trees and saw 2 fashion Lindsay started to scream and everbody convulsive. Charlie:"oh my god Tim where are you all the time? Tim:"Scott and I eat burgers here because here are nobody" Charlie:"I was worried Tim" Tim:"sorry Charlie come scott let us go back to the tents" All:"yes that are a good idea"

My end of the story - the bear

by Selin

Charlie was shocked as he saw that Tim's sleeping bag was empty. He thinked about where he could went. As he would go out from the tent he heared noises . He listens carefully to the noises. But he was brave and go out to look what the noises are. He looked to the lefy side, to the right side , to his back and to his front . Nothing except black he could see. But then he could see a light in the forrest. Carefully and quiet he go near to the light. He was scared as he saw the faces of Tim and Scott. They was eating burgers . "What are youndoing here Tim ? " , Charlie asks. "I'm eating burgers , here take one too. It's really delicious." Tim answered. " Come back to the tent ! " "No , we have great fun , Charlie. When you will go sleeping,then go sleeping. But Tim will stay here with me. " , says Scott.Charlie was angrily " I don't had talked with you Scott ! " , he answered him.But Tim has fun with Scott and he liked him too. " I'll stay here Charlie. And now you can go back in your tent , you are disturbing our fun. " Charlie don't understands him and he was worried about Tim. He went back in jis tent and tries to sleep but can't. Suddenly he heard screams. "Tim and Scott ! ", he says to himself. They runned to Charlie. "Charlie help us please ! A bear , a bear ! " Charlie knows what to do. He makes noises and after ten minutes the bear gone away. "Thank you very much Charlie ! " , says Scott. " I'm sorry that I have said this things .. " , says Tim worried. "No Problem !" , says Charlie and they must laugh.

My end of the story - The burger eating bear

by Sina

Charlie went out of the tent. "Where is my cousin?", he asked himself. Outside it was very dark and there were strange noises. Charlie took his pocket torch and he looked around. He saw tents and trees, stars and the moon, but not Tim. Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Brandon and he whispered:"Hey Charlie! What are you doing outside?" "I was woken up by strange noises and my cousin Tim wasn`t there. So I look for Tim now. Brandon noded one`s head. "Okey", he said. "I`ll help you." "Thank`s a lot, Brandon", Charlie answered. A few seconds later the two boys heard the noises again. "Let`s have a look where the sounds are coming from!" Brandon suggested. The noises became louder and louder. Suddenly they saw Tim and Scott. "Tim! What are you doing there?", shouted Charlie. "I`m eating burgers with Scott.", answered Tim. "Did you hear the strange noises, too?"; asked Brandon. "We heard them naturally, because I was making the sounds.", Scott laughed. "That wasn`t funny!", Brandon and Charlie shouted. In the same moment Anita, Patricia and Linsay arrived to the boys. "Hey guys!", they said. Suddenly the strange noises were back again. "Dam Scotty beam yourself up!", Charlie said angrily. "I didn`t do anything", Scott defended. And in the same time the seven children saw a bear. He looked at them angrily and hungrily. The girls screamed and the boys screamed even louder. One burger had fallen down and was eaten by the bear immediately. Scott whispered:" Oh, now! My lovely burger", but this commentary helped not. Then came Matt out of his tent and he saw the children and the bear. "Bear, go away!", he shouted and the bear turned astonishingly away. Everybody went in their tents and they had a fantastic week. (without burgers and bears)