Assignment 2 - E-mail to an American/a British friend, 19/10/12

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Bitte tragt hier eure eMails jeweils mit der Betreffzeile als neue Überschrift ein.

Subject: My visit at "Heidepark Resort", Sender: Benedict

Hi Seth, how are you doing in Boston? It might be raining, but there are still many things you can do in this nice town.
I miss the city, since my last visit is long ago and I was around ten years old. So tell me how was your holiday?
I hope you had fun. I had big fun. I was at Heidepark Resort in Soltau.

I was together with my family and hat much fun with Tobi riding on the rollercoaster rides.
For example "Krake" was very good fun. On my ride, I was really scared but later it was just fun.
You can see a video of the "Krake-Ride" here:

We've been there 2 days and 1 night. My english teacher also has visited the park and told me that it was great fun.
Did you ever visited a theme park? If not you should do so! You live in america: you got the best theme parks there.
When I come visit you we'll go in one. Oh I wanted to ask you how's Natasha doing? I hope she's alright.
Looking forward to see you soon, take care,

Here's the main input of the park:
Eingang Heide-Park Resort 2012.JPG

Subject: Sightseeing in Cologne from Jannik

Hello Tom,

how are you? I'm fine. In one month you'll be here in Cologne. I want to show you some nice sights and places. At the first day we can visit the Cologne Catherdral and we can go up 509 stairs. From this highness you have a great view over Cologne. At the next day we'll go to the "Rheinpark" and have a picnic. After this we can drive with the ropeway over Rhein. In connection we can visit the Cologne Zoo. There are many interesting animals. The trip to the "Sportmuseum" may make you hungry, but no problem, we can go to the "Schokoladenmuseum". And when you haven't seen enough, we'll go to the Lanxess Arena and watch a match from the Kölner Haie.


I hope we have a funny time and I look forward to see you soon.


Subject:About Cologne from Nikodem

Hey Matthews,

how are you? I am doing well.Soon you are by me here in Cologne its would be grate.I want to show you what we can make together here in cologne.To selection stays very great things like American Football and i know that its your hobby like mine.I play by the Cologne Falcons as you know and when you would, you come with me to my training,its hard but awesome.When you wouldn't play football we can go to the museums which are very cool for example the sports museum.We can go to the Rhinepark its a very big park next to the Rhine, you can make there many things like swimming or just chill.Last week i was by NRW selection it was just awesome, very hard but it was funny now i waiting for the E-mail because it is inside if I'm in the team or not.

Its would be funny when you are here in cologne ;D


Subject:playing Basketball from Emrullah

Hey Derrick,

how are you?I am fine.It would be great when you come over next weekend to Cologne !!!I pick you up from the airport.We can begin with basketball in my street.But the training is hard but also funny.Then we can do great things like go arcaden.Arcaden is a great shopping center.We can eat Chinese noodles.It is very delicios.And behind the arcaden is a great basketball place but i am very good in basketball!And my best friend Melih and Hüseyin can play with us.And 1 day later we can go watch a film in Cinedom.There is very good films and we can buy nachos with cheese dip.And last one we can go swimming in aqualand or agrippabad.

I waiting for the E-Mail from you:D


Subject:Cologne from Miriam

Hey Emma

How are you?I'm fine.Will you come next month to Cologne?I search some tickets for you :) Cologne is very beautiful! We can go to the Dom it's a very big church.Many tourists visit our Dom.We can go to the shopping center Köln arcaden.It's a very big shopping center with 180 shops.We can look a movie in a cinema.Cinedom it's a very famous cinema here in cologne.We can go to the long river it's very beautiful because when you go over the bridge you can see the dom.And at the end we can go in the mc's and eat fast food :D it's very famous here in cologne:)

Think about that all! I hope we can see us here:)

Miriam when you go over the bridge