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Private Wikisite for E2 Global Educator Exchange in Budapest, 2016
Link to this site: bit.ly/hacktheclassroom-ecswiki


Who is writing here?
My Name is André Spang. I am MiEE since 2015 and my interests are Minecraft in Education, Hack The Classroom with Social Media and Web2.0, International Collaboration and Cooperation of Teachers.
I am a Teacher for Music and Religion at a High School and University of Cologne, Germany.
I am Founder and Moderator of German TwitterChat EDchatDE

My Activities @ E2

  • Panel Discussion: Minecraft in Education https://explore-create-share.titanpad.com/116
  • Expert Workshop: During the Workshop I can show examples of my work, using Minecraft, Social media, Web2.0 such as Wikis and Blogs, LearningApps, Office365 and my experiences with mLearning in a project that I lead since 5 Years.
  • Moderating EdchatDE Twitterchat on Tuesday Evening, 8pm about International Collaboration and Networking in Education. For more Information see our website: http://edchat.de

Examples of my Work


Please feel free to follow me on Twitter: @Tastenspieler




Please feel free to create an account on my wiki - it is free. And collaborate with me. It is easy. You can get a free account here: http://www.andre-spang.de/wiki/index.php?title=Spezial:Benutzerkonto_beantragen
Or just contact me via Twitter @Tastenspieler - I will help you out.