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via flickr.com "Cuppa MOOC" cc-by Cikgu Brian

Wikisite of your Moderator André J. Spang for #eBookEVO MOOC as part of the EVO (Electronic Village Online) -Sessions
Shortlink: bit.ly/ebookevowiki


You can use this Wikisite as a sandbox, just for trying things out on a wiki. I will help you, if you have questions. Or you can read here (it's in German, but google translate will help). Before you can edit the wiki, you need a user account, which is free and available here.

Links & Networks for ebookEVO


Etherpads of hangouts, sessions, peer-discussions



I am moderator of Week 4 of the eBookEVO Session
I use this Wikispace to prepare my input and to save links, tools, videos, etc.

Tools & Resources

This is a List of Tools used by participants of our goole+-community
You can add tools here or send the links to me.


iBooks Author: This is a free software for MAC and can be used to create iBooks for the iPad. You can also export to a PDF-File.


It is very interesting to insert Widgets into your iBook, which are interactive. iBooks Author has a html-widget function and you can import html5 Code here. You also need a pic (as a placeholder) for the widget and a Info-File with the name Info.plist. You can also find a lot of free widgets here at bookry which you can simply drag and drop into your book.


Create Badges at badg.us


How do I write here?

  1. Log In
  2. Click on "Bearbeiten" right beside the headline "Sandbox" (or beside the headline/passage you want to edit) - "Bearbeiten" means "edit" ;). The "edit-window" will open ("Bearbeiten von "EBookEVO" (Abschnitt))
  3. Write your text or make your edits
  4. When you are done, click on "Seite speichern" button below the edit-window. That's it.