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(Alina & Selin)

Hollywood's history

Hollywood is a district of Los angeles.Hollywood is known worldwide as a center of us-american film industry.Hollywood got its present name in 1886 by the family of Whitley. The population of Hollywood is 210.824 (2000)in an area of 65,2 km² .

Walk of Fame

The Walk of Fame is the one of the most famouse sights in hollywood. At the moment are 2.479 stars on the streets. The catagorys are:

  1. Movies
  2. TV
  3. Music
  4. Radio
  5. Theatre

The first star was devoted on Joanne Woodward, 9. February 1960. Only Gene Autry was devoted on all 5 categorys.

Walk of fame.JPG

Graumans Chinese Theatre

The theatre is opened 1927th.It looks like a chinese pagoda.It's famous,because many stars made sheo prints.

*Pagoda: Pagoda is a multi-storey and towerlike building.

Marilyn Monroe Grauman's Chinese Theatre.jpg Grauman's Chinese Theatre 02.JPG

Capitol Records

Capitol records is a us-american record label.It was founded in 1992 by Johny Mercer.It has 11floors.

Capitol Records sunset.jpg

El capitan Theatre

El capitan thetre is a cinema right on walk of fame.It only disney movies are shown there.These movies will be shown for many weeks.

El Capitan Theatre 2009 Academy Awards.JPG

Hollyood Bowl

It is one of the Largest ampfitheatre in the world.It is mostly used for music events.All 18.000 poeple fit into the theatre.

Hollywood bowl and sign.jpg

Pink's Hotdogs

It is a very popular hotdog restaurant in hollywood.It was founded in 1939.Many stars go there in and out.

Griffith Observatory

The griffith observatory is a building.It is filmed in some appear briefly.In the building are shows with light effects.Also there are exhibitions to anstronomy and stargazing.

Griffith observatory 2006.jpg

Hollywood Sign

The famous hollywood sign is about the hollywood hills since 13.July 1923. Its 15 meters high and 137 meters long. Its weights 220 t .It was made by a broker-firm and its costs 21.000 Dollar. Earlier stand there Hollywoodland. Later the 'land' was done away.

Hollywood sign 2008.jpg