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Icehockey is a very fast teamsport. Every team has got about 22 players. There are 6 players,1 goalie and 5 fielders per blog. They have to wear iceskates,protective clothing and a helmet. While the match they're playing with sticks and a puck. A game takes without breaks one hour.The playing field is 60x30m. Next to the players there are also 2 referees and 2 linesmen. Icehockey was developed between 1840 and 1875 in Canada.

Icehockey field Eishockey-Spielfeld.svg


National Hockey League

Stanly Cup in Hockey Hall of Fame (may 2008).jpg The Stanley Cup

SidneyCrosby.jpg Season 2011/2012: Sidney Crosby is the best player of the world in Icehockey

Popular teams of the NHL

-> New Jersey Devils -> Pittsburgh Penguins -> Toronto Maple Leafs

-> Edmonton Oilers ->Vancouver Canucks -> Anaheim Ducks (Mighty Ducks)

Toronto Maple Leafs bild.JPG Toronto Maple Leafs


-interference (Behinderung)-> 2 min. -tripping (Beinstellen)-> 2 min. -hooking (Haken)-> 2 min. -holding an opponent/the stick (Halten)-> 2 min. -slashing (Stockschlag)-> 2 min. -boarding (Bandencheck)-> 2 min or 5 min.+ playing-time-penalty or matchpenalty -checking from behind(Check von hinten)-> 2+10 min. or 5 min.+playing-time-penalty or matchpenalty These are the most common penalties.

"little" penalty = 2 min. "big" penalty = 5 min.+ automatic game misconduct misconduct = 10 min. game misconduct = rest play exclusion + 20 min. matchpenalty = 5 min.+ rest play exclusion + 25 min. + at least 1 game locked


Every player of each team should have the same design & colour of their helmet, sweaters, short pants, stocking and skates.

Protective equipment : All types of protective equipement:- gloves, -elbow pads, -leg guards, -helmet, - body protector have to be worn under the uniforms.

Countrys with Icehockey

-> Canada -> Germany -> Swiss -> Sweden -> USA -> Austria -> Slovakia -> Finland -> Russia -> Latvia -> Slovenia

Sources: All photos taken from Wikimedeia Commons

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