Las Vegas

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(Miria und Jana)

Las Vegas is the biggest city in the US-state Nevada. The name comes from the spanish and means 'the meadows'. The population is 500.000. The city is famous for her many casinos, wedding chapels und strip clubs. The city is also famous for her building copies like the eiffel tour, vulcano or pyramids. Every year 6 Million Dollar left in casinos. The biggest hotel in america is the Venetian Resort Hotel. It stands in Las Vegas. The Venetian Resort Hotel is 145 meters high. Las Vegas belongs to the favourit places for weddings. Not only, because there are wonderful churches, but also the wedding laws are verry easy. For tourists the Grand Canyon is whith the car or train quick to reach.


Famous Sights in Las Vegas

Bellagio Fountains

The Bellagio Fountains belongs to the popular free attractions in Las Vegas. The shows are shown every 15 or 30 minuts and it is every time another choreography. Since 1998 are display the show and the see measures 3,2 hectare. The attraction consists 300 water organs with over 1200 jets and about 5000 lamps. The fountain consists of 798 minishooters and 208 swiveling rudders and they can let 'dance' the waterjet. Then there come also supershooter and extremeshooter and they can shoot the water over 150 meters in the hight. Here you can watch a video from a show. Bellagio Fountains Watershow

Bellagio Fountain

Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is also a free attraction. He has every time open (except by redecorations) and is visit daily from 1000 people. The Garden is seven times in the year redecorated for occasions as for christmas.

Bellagio display 9-11-2010

Caesars Palace

The Caesars Palace is a verry luxurious hotel. It is in old Roman style and more than 40 years a top-adress in Las Vegas. The Hotel has 3348 rooms. In the Caesars Palace is a verry big casino and it has the size 1,5 hectare.

[This is the Caesars Palace at night]


The Excalibur hotel is a 3 stars hotel in Las Vegas. It has 4008 rooms. It was opened in 1990. In the hotel are a casino, 6 restaurants and 2 swimmingpools. Every day there are also knightly games. There are 2 shows (Tournament of Kings, Thunder Down Under). And every evening it gives a meal like a blackboard round.


Fremont Street

At the Fremont Street are many famous Casinos.

-The Plaza

-Las Vegas Club




-El Cortez

-Golden Gate

-La Bayou

-Golden Nugget

-Four Queens


Fremont Street