Los Angeles

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Los Angeles (L.A.) is the biggest city of the state California. It's located on the Pacific ocean and the Los Angeles river. Los Angeles is the capital of Los Angeles County.

Los Angeles has 3.792.621 population in the year 2010.

Why is Los Angeles so famous?

Los Angeles is fame because there is the White house,there are many theaters and museums.

Los Angeles is also famous because there Sightseeing

-Walk of fame

-Sunset Strip

-Santa Monica Pier

-Venice Beach(sandy beach)

-Marina Del Rey(hotel)

L.A 's most famous city districts

-Beverly Hills

-Century city



-Bel Air

Fact file of Los Angeles

Foundings date of Los Angeles :4.september 1781

Population:ca.4 million

Area:1.290 qkm

Population/qkm: 3.330

Federeral state : California

Airport : Los Angeles international Airport

City council : City of Los Angeles


- Beverly center is the biggest selection of boutiques.

- American Rag cie is one of the most successful concept stores of Los Angeles.

- Santa Monica has more than 100 shops.

- In the Melrose AV are from Funky Shops to designer stores,everything what you want.