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  • NFL(National football league) is the American Football Major League.
  • There are 32 teams in the league and one of it are the Baltimore Ravens.
  • The game consists of a defense and an offense, the offense has three trying for a first down.The defense has to frustrate that the offense make a first down. If the offense do not succeed, there is a ball handing to the other team.
    • One of the most famous adn best quarterbacks is Drew Brees.Brees has been selected to the Pro Bowl six times in his career,he was also the MVP of the Super Bowl XLIV whats are very difficult.Brees is the only quarterback in NFL history to reach 400+ yards passing in consecutive playoff games, which he has done in three straight postseason games.Bress got drafted in 2001 to the San Diego Chargers.
Drew Brees Saints 2008

  • The most popular defensive player is Ray Lewis,a Middle Linebacker at the Baltimore Ravens.He is a legend.At the Ravens he has made approximately 1500 tackles.2001 he has won the superbowl with the Ravens and 2003 he was the Defensive player of the year in the NFL.

---NCAA College Football---

  • NCAA is the college football league from which the NFl drafts its players.The NCAA football league is harder then the NFL because all the players will be drafted to the NFL and they give all the time 110%.One of the most famus college teams are the LSU Tigers.Here is a picture of the LSU Tigers
    Alabama on offense against LSU 11-5-2011