New York

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New York


New York is an international, cultural and economic giant. New York is still one of the most important cities in the world. The city that doesn´t sleep. It is called” Big Apple”. About 8, 3 Million people live in New York. They come from 180 different countries. The five boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens and Richmond become the Greater New York. About 120 languages are spoken there New York is six hours behind German time. There are two opera houses, 38 Broadway theaters, 125 others theaters, 150 museums, 18.000 restaurants and 600 galleries. Don´t forget the 100 skyscrapers. The first skyscrapers was the Flatiron Building, it was built between 1901 and 1903. The once tallest Building in the world was Empire State Building. It was destroyed on September 11, 2001, by terrorists. New York has the longest park, which is called “Central Park”. It is about 4 km long. Here are so many were to enjoy for example: jogging, cycling, and rollerblading, rowing a boat or horseback riding. You even can go to open air plays or concerts. The streets from The North to the South are called avenues and from the East to the West are called Streets. The Hudson-River divides New York from New Jersey, West New York. The East River divides New York from Brooklyn, Queens and Kings. The Brooklyn Bridge is about 1,825 km long. The busiest bridge over the East River. When you want to plan a trip to New York. You have to know that on all trips tolls for any bridge and tunnel tolls on the way shall be paid. If you arrive at Grand Central station, a railroad Station, you´ll walk into a great hall. Outside you´ll find famous Yellow cabs or even you go by Subway… Next November will be New York City Marathon, the largest in the world, with about 24.000 runners, taking part. So come on, let´s go for there a walk…

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