Niagara Falls

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The Niagara Falls are three big Waterfalls between the Canadian Province of Ontario and the U.S State of New York.

The Niagara Falls on the Canadian border with the United States are one of the largest and most spectacular natural wonders of the world. The word "Niagara" is derived from the Indian word meaning "thundering water" and rightly so - for more than four million gallons of water fall here per second from a 60-meter high and almost 1 km wide cliff in the deep.

Power Plants

They used the power of the falls since the 18th century . They used the force of the water to drive Mills of Water and for the production of electric energy .

How does this work?

A Part of the water flows trough a Chanel straight to the Power Plant . There get the water directly in electric energy .

The water falls get enough energy to illuminate the complete water falls and the associated Village. These days there are 4 Power Plants at the Niagara Falls. This Power Plants are one of the biggest on earth.

kanadian side -Sir-Adam-Beck-Power Plant Nr.1 - Sir-Adam-Beck- Power Plant Nr.2

US american side -Robert-Moses-Niagara_Power Plant -Lewiston-pumped Storage power Planet

Crossings and Descents

It´s a crime to cross the Niagara Falls. The first documendet sttemp comes from the year 1829. Every second Try ended in death. The 63-year-old teacher Annie Taylor cross as first people the Niagara Falls with a Wooden Barrel.

The Highwire Artist Nick Wallenda cross the Falls at the 16th of Juni 2012 on a Cable .He survived!

Kirk Jones is the first man who survived a Fall on Waterfalls without any aids.He survived with two Rip Fractures,Bruises and Sores . He say he planed a suicide.

At the 9th of Juli 1960, the 7-year-old Boy Roger Woodword go overboard from a capsized Motorboat. He plunged down the Falls.He survived because a Team from the Maid of the Mist-Adventure-Boat saw him and saved him. his Sister was removed out of the Falls and a Friend of the Family plunged down the Falls and die, His Corpse was found four Days later.

Information for interesting Peoples

If you want to see the Niagarafalls you have to pay nothing ! You can walk by the twin cities Niagara Falls,Ontario and Niagara Falls ,New York . The view on the Falls is very good . From there you can make fotos and videos . If you want to see the event from a boat , you must pay 13,50 USD (10,36 €) and the Maid of the mist takes you to the Niagara Falls . But Attention , there is the danger of getting wet;)

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