Pearl Harbour

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At the 7th december 1941 the japanese army attack the military airfield, Pearl Harbor, on Hawaii. It was a big surprise for the United States so they can't defend the country. 2.400 US-soldier died and 1.200 people were injured. A lot of ships and 188 planes were destroyed. Pearl Harbor is a port on the island Oahu. Oahu is one part of the island Hawaii. It's in the pacific and 4.000 kilometers away from the US-coast. It's more than 6.000 kilometers away from Japan.

Unknown words: army= Armee, military airfield= militärischer Flugplatz, were injured(be injured)= verletzt sein

Aerial view of the Pearl Harbor submarine base and adjacent fuel tank farms on 13 October 1941 (80-G-182880).jpg

How it came to the raid?

1931/1932 the japanese army occupied a part of China. 1937 they burned houses down and killed the inhabitants. The US-goverment terminated trade agreements and they banned that some was delivered. Also 1941 they locked all japanese money on US-banks. So they wanted to force withdrawall of all japanese soldiers. Because japan has no raw materials and need the petroleum their economic and political position fell more and more. So they saw no other way to attack the USA. But tey knew that the US-army was better than the japanese army so they planned a secret attack. They wanted that the seefarers were most bombed so they select the port Pearl Harbor.

Unknown words: occupied= besetzte, US-government= US-Regierung, terminated=(here) auflösen, trade agreements= Handelsverträge, inhabitants= Bewohner, locked(lock)= sperren, delivered= geliefert/ ausliefern, withdrawal= Rücktritt/ Austritt, force= erzwingen, banned= verboten (etw. verbieten), raw materials= Rohstoffe, petroleum= Erdöl, political= politische,economic= wirtschaftliche, seefarers= Seeleute

Jap bomber in action-Pear Harbor.jpg

the secret attack from Japan

At the 26th november a japanese feer federation made his way to the headquarter of Pearl Harbor. They had six aircraft carriers with 441 aircrafts, two battleships, three cruiser, nine destroyer, some supply vessels and six submarines. At the 7th December (in the Night) they reached a position about 400 kilometers away from the island Oahu. In the morning at six then, 183 bomb- and hunting aircraft started their attack on Pearl Harbors headquarter. At the time (in wintertime) the most ships was in the port, Pearl Harbor. The attack started at 8 o'clock with overall 183 aircrafts. One hour later another attack followed. The US-Marine saw the japanese aircrafts indeed but they thought it was their own ships which they had order. The US-americans couldn't hear some functional claims because the japanese pronounced absolutly funk ban. The japanese army moved the attack on sunday because they know that the most soldiers had holidays at this time. Nobody of the USA thought that the japanese Army would attack the country so Pearl Harbor was unprotected. The air defense was also unprotected. Maybe that explain the reactin of the funk message: "Air raid on Pearl Harbor. That's no practise!" Marineminister Know commented the message with: "It can't be right. They have to mean the philippines!"

Unknown words: feer federation= Flottenverband, headquarter= Hauptsitz, aircraft carrier= Flugzeugträger, Battleships= Schlachtschiff, cruiser=(here) Kreuzer; Schiffart, supply vessels= Versorgungsschiffe, submarines= U-Boote, hunting aircraft= Jagdflugzeug, overall= insgesamt, had order=(order) Bestellen, indeed= zwar, pronounced(pronounce)= etw. aussprechen, unprotected(unprotect)= ungeschützt, reaction= reaktion

USS West Virginia;014824.jpg
NARA 80-G-32915 Burned B-17 Flying Fortress on Hickam Field after Pearl Harbor attack.jpg

all against Japan

After the attack of the japanese, the United States declared the japanese the war. Eventually Adolf Hitler also declared the USA the war because the japanese were connect with Germany. So with the time more and more people keep to the USA or keep to the Japanese. In the USA some people published posters against Japan.

Unknown words: declared(to declare)=(here) Krieg erklären, war= Krieg, connect= verbunden, published(to publish)= veröffentlichen

Remember december 7th.jpg

the revenge from USA

The USA choosed the revenge for the japanese. More and more soldiers reported voluntary for the attack. Many people had the opinion that the japanese forced the USA to enter into the war. So Japan, Italy and Germany (the allied) made one of the most military strongest country to their enemy. The US-air force ignited in the August 1945, three months after the ending of the second war in Europe, two atomic bomb in the japanese cities Nagasaki and Hiroshima. It was a bad chapter in the story of the war. 155.000 people died and 110.000 people died after weeks of the radiation. Some people die today at late consequences or disorders. Under they, like the attack on Pearl Harbor, are a lot of innocent people. We all hope that it can't be repeated. It destroy the world and the humanity.

Unknown words: reported voluntary(to report)=(here) sich freiwillig melden, opinion= meinung, forced(to force)= zwingen, war= Krieg, the allied= die verbündeten, enemy= feind, US-air force= US-Luftwaffe, ignited(to ignite)= zünden, atomic bomb= Atombomben, radiation= verstrahlung, late consequences= spätfolgen, disorders= erkrankungen, innocent= unschuldig, humanity= Menschheit

the filming

In 2001 Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer produced the filming. It's a lovestory with sad pictures of the war. The leading mans are Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett and Kate Beckinsale. It cost 132 Mio. dollar. With Touchstone they got 449 Mio. dollar. It's a fantastic film with a nice story.

Unknown words: leading mans: Hauptdarsteller, 132 Mio. dollar= (ca.)101.370 Euro, 449 Mio. dollar= (ca.) 344.800 Euro