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"Open Content" einfach erklärt (Video)

Bates, Tony (2011). OERs: the good, the bad and the ugly

Bliss, TJ (2013). A Model of Digital Textbook Quality from the Perspective of College Students. Diss. (PDF)

cloudworks (2009). What does quality mean in OER?

Downes, Stephen (2011). MOOCs and the OPAL Quality Clearinghouse

JISC OER infoKit. Quality considerations

JISC (2011): Toolkit for Harnessing Quality Assurance Processes for Technology Enhanced Learning

Kawachi, Paul (2013). Creating Open Educational Resources: Guidelines for Quality Assurance

Latchem, Colin (2012). Quality Assurance Toolkit for Open and Distance Non-formal Education (PDF)

McGreal, Rory (2011). OER: Some thoughts on quality

Menon, Mohan (2013). Quality Issues in Open Educational Resources: Need for a Comprehensive Perspective

OPAL Open Education Quality Initiative

OPAL Report 2011. Beyond OER. Shifting Focus to Open Educational Practices (PDF)

Ossiannilsson, Ebba & Creelman, Alastair (2012). Quality indicators within the use of open educational resources in higher education (PDF)

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STEM OER Guidance Wiki: Evaluation and Quality Assurance

UKOER Evaluation toolkit

wikieducator. Quality Assurance in Multimedia Learning Materials

Wiley, David (2012). OER Quality Standards

Williams, David (2011). How are OER evaluated and so what? (Video)

Achieve: OER Rubrics

Achieve. OER Rubrics

OER Rubrics and Evaluation Tool (Video)

Overview of Achieve OER Evaluation Rubrics (Video)

Farquer, Tim (2012). OER Rubrics and Evaluation Tool (Video)

Achieve OER Evaluation Rubric I (Video)

Achieve OER Evaluation Rubric II (Video)

Achieve OER Evaluation Rubric III (Video)

Achieve OER Evaluation Rubric IV (Video)

Achieve OER Evaluation Rubric V (Video)

Achieve OER Evaluation Rubric VI (Video)

Achieve OER Evaluation Rubric VII (Video)

Using OER Commons and the Achieve OER Evaluation Tool (Video)